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Web Application Development

The World Wide Web is slowly emerging as the absolute means of communication. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to understand this medium and using its reach and usability to fulfill their objectives. Personalized web application development is an intrinsic service that helps businesses develop specific applications that can further achieve these objectives.

As a leading web application development company we offer:

Business or Ecommerce web design
Business applications
Ecommerce software
Advanced web and enterprise portals
Rich internet applications

We only use the latest web technologies such as .Net Framework (ASP and C#), PHP, MySQL etc to develop custom web applications that help facilitate both B2B and B2C interactions for our clients. We also use a number of advanced web application development tools to provide integrated, cross-platform, cross-browser solutions to our clients. One of our core expertise areas is the use of open source framework to develop web applications; such applications are cost effective and are of tremendous functional value.

Social Networking Application development

Social networking has originated as a platform for people to get together and form online communities where an enhanced social interaction could take place in various ways like chats, instant messages, blogs, list books, forums, photo sharing, etc.
Pushing the boundaries of its own definition, social networking has rapidly evolved into trusted business networks where social media serves as a base facilitating the acquiring of services over the net.

Content Management System
Content management over the years has evolved into a fundamental requirement for any business, as it has become much more than a platform that allows you to publish content. Today, a well developed content management solution will also help manage the entire work flow of your organization. Businesses are increasingly looking at using web content management systems and use the potential of the World Wide Web to manage their overall business processes.

Businesses these days have to cope with a huge data inflow in various forms and formats. A good web content management system will benefit a business by simplifying activities such as web based publishing, content retrieving, revision control, content searching, indexing and many other activities that are essential for effective business management.

We develop using PHP, Wordpress and Joomla.